If it's Wireless We Handle It!

MRS Business Radio, Cell Phones, Paging Systems, Wireless LAN's, Broadcast Translators, Satellite Downlinks, and Microwave Transmissions..

Including Planning - Licensing - Sales - Installation - and Service.


.... Contact Collins Communications for all of your Wireless Communications requirements. Collins Communications has the experience and resources to ensure the optimum performance of all your wireless endeavors.


Collins Communications Is a Full Service Maintenance Shop ....

  • RX Correct Frequency (within tolerance), receiver sensitivity, CTCSS decode functions, squelch functions and audio quality.
  • TX Correct Frequency (within tolerance), correct RF power output, CTCSS encode functions and proper levels for CTCss and voice audio. TX audio quality is also tested.
  • Batteries are analyzed to check for capacity of 80% or greater.
  • All Switches, Knobs, Antenna, Antenna Jacks, External Audio Jacks, Cases, and Latches are tested and verified to operate properly and be free of any physical damage that would impair it's function.
  • Final test After repair a final test is performed to verify the radio meets all specifications.

We also have the capability to program most current and a majority of Out-of-Production radios to meet the FCC, and Band Requirements....